Terms and Conditions

1. Our service is for the rental van with a driver only.

2. Please deposit 20 % of the booking day in advance via bank transfer. Once the money has been transferred, please send proof of the payment via line @van2009 including the name and phone number of the customer. So, our administrator can contact you to arrange the trip.

3. Driving time does not exceed 10 hours and dropping time no later than midnight. If it's later than midnight, the rental van for the new day will be charged immediately.

4. The rental price for using the vehicle does not include fuel, expressway fees, or parking fees (if any).

5. When using the van service is not completed according to the number of days reserved. The company refuses to refund the deposit and the customer must pay for the number of days reserved.

6. It is strictly prohibited to smoke, drink alcohol, or take drugs inside the vehicle.

7. Do not bring illegal items into the vehicle. If the driver sees or suspects that there will be illegal things inside the vehicle The driver must request the police to search.

8. It is impossible to postpone the travel date because the company has already locked the queue of cars. If the travel date is postponed, the event must be canceled and a new booking made only.

9. A driver will perform his duties focusing on safety mainly, therefore, fast driving is not essential during driving hours.

Conditions of Cancellation

1. In the case of canceling the trip after the reservation deposit has been paid. The customer can cancel the reservation as follows:

1.1 In case of cancellation 3 days before departure, the deposit will be refunded in full.

1.2 If the customer notifies us of the cancellation less than 3 days in advance, Van2009 refuses to refund the deposit because the company already booked a driver and reserved a van for the customer.

2. In the case of requesting cancellation or reduction of the number of days/time of service within a day. By notifying us within the date of travel or using the service, Van2009 will charge the full-service fee as agreed before.

pink and orange paints
pink and orange paints